High Performance MaterialsTORAYMICRON™ã€€Feature

Major application ot TORAYMICRON™

  • HVAC(Ventilation & Conditioning) filters in buildings.
  • Filters for air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.
  • Liquid filters.
  • Dust proofing masks, medical masks, and pollinosis masks.
  • Hair caps.
  • Wiping cloths.

Dust particles adhering to fiber

Dust particles adhering to fiber
  • Machinery filters.

TORAYMICRON™ has various uses.

  • Clean rooms where a dust-free environment is required. Also as air filters for use in electronic, precision, chemical and food industries.
  • Air conditioning of buildings with cigarette smoke and odor removal requirements, and for air cleaners used in plants and offices.
  • Masks for preventing entry of bacteria and pollen, as well as those for surgical, dental and industrial applications.
  • Pure oil production and cleaning of machine insulating and discharge oils.
  • Covers for precision equipment, audio equipment and personal computer keyboards.
  • Wipers for dust removal from automobiles, showcases and office desks.

Filtration Performance of TORAYMICRON™

Reference: SUNROAD Co.,Ltd.