High Performance MaterialsWOSEP™


Ulutra-fine non-woven fabrics purify air and water

WOSEP™ is a high performance oil adsorbent made of polypropylene.
As it adsorbs oil without absorbing water, it is particularly suited to cleaning up oil spills on bodies of water such as rivers and oceans and it has been approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Characteristic of WOSEP™

Polypropylene 100% material
WOSEP™ is absorbs oil out from water, with its lipophilicity and water-repellent properties. It is a light weight, easy to handle material which dase not generate any toxic gas when it is burned.
Meltblow method
WOSEP™ is made of fine fiber which created with meltblow method,and it perfectly absorbs tiny oil drops by its capillary action.It is excellent in absorption amount due to the wider surface area compared with the general fiber.It dose not use any adhesives, therefore, there is no danger of contamination on waters.
When WOSEP™ is used for various kind of oils or organic solvents, it absorbs ten-times more objects to its weight.That is, 20kgs of WOSEP* could perfectly absorb 200kgs of oil.

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