High Performance MaterialsTORAYMICRON™


Ulutra-fine non-woven fabrics purify air and water

TORAYMICRON™ is a high performance, ISO-9001 certified, non-woven sheet made of special ultra-fine polypropylene fibers that are given electret properties through a specialized process.
TORAYMICRON™ is an indispensable component of various filters that generate clean environments and is also used in the production of industrial masks.

Characteristic of TORAYMICRON™

Filterring capability
Electric energy enables TORAYMICRON* to filter out micron dust particles in both air oil.
Adsorption property
Cigarette smoke and odors are efficiently adsorbed.
Dust removal ability
Electric charges powerfully remove everything from micron particles to dirt
TORAYMICRON™ can adhere to virtually material.
Superior durability
TORAYMICRON™ features persistent, long-term electrical.

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