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Offering Electronic & Imaging Chemicals materials and life science chemicals through our customized syntheses which are tailored to customers' needs and proprietary techniques.

Using a wide range of well established technologies (Grignard reaction, thiochemical reaction, molecular distillation, thin-layer distillation, polymerization, etc.) and our own in-house developed proprietary technologies, Toray Fine Chemicals can supply Offering Electronic & Imaging Chemicals materials chemicals through customized syntheses and our quick-response expertise.
Our products and services are thus able to satisfy a wide range of customers in small laboratory scales through large commercial production scales.

Major product lines

Monomers and Polymers for Materials of FPD(LCD、PDP、OLED)
  • Acid Anhydride, Dicarboxylic Acid, Tetracarboxylic Acid and Induction
    BPDA(CAS No.36978-41-3,3711-4-4)
  • Diamin
    TFMB(CAS No.341-58-2)
  • Precursor of Polyimido (Polyamic Acid)
  • Styrene Type Monomer
  • Methacrylic Acid Type Monomer
  • Siloxane Type Polymer
    1NAPS(CAS No.18052-76-1)
  • Acrylic Acid Type Polymer
Monomers and Polymers for Materials of Semiconductor Device
Materials of Solar Battery and Fuel Battery
Materials of Optical Resin

Major technologies for custom synthesis

Grignard ReactionDetails
Coupling Reaction
Oxidation Reaction
HNO3 Oxidation
H2O2 Oxidation
DDQ Oxidation
DMSO OxidationDetails
NaOCl Oxidation
Reduction Reaction
NaBH4 Reduction
Thiochemical Reaction
DMSO Solvent Reaction Details
Other Reaction


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