Fine Chemicals

Offering chiral compound using proprietary techniques and expertise in organic synthesis and custom syntheses

Toray Fine Chemicals has been producing a diverse range of chiral compounds employing our own proprietary techniques supported by ourexpertise in organic synthesis.
Especially, we are active in developing various derivatives of chiral pyrrolidine, piperazine, cyclohexane and tartaric acid.

Major product lines

Tartaric acid derivatives Details
  • Dibenzoyl-D-Tartaric acid
  • Diethyl D-Tartrate
  • Di-p-Toluoyl-L-Tartaric acid
  • Diethyl L-Tartrate etc
Chiral pyrrolidine derivatives Details
  • (S)-N-Benzyl-3-aminopyrrolidine
  • (R)-3-Hydroxypyrrolidine etc
Chiral piperazine derivative Details
  • (R)-2-Methylpiperazine
  • (S)-Piperazine-2-carboxylic acid etc
Chiral cyclohexane derivatives Details
  • (1R,2R)-1,2-Diaminocyclohexane
  • (S)-2-Methoxycyclohexanone etc
Chiral compounds Details
Fermentation products Details
  • Sodium pyruvate
  • D-Alanine etc
Fluorene diamine derivatives Details
Trifluoromethyl substituted aromatic compounds Details
Organic compounds Details
  • p-Chloromethyl benzoylchloride
  • p-Toluoyl chloride
  • o-Formylbenzoic acid etc
We have various kinds of pyrrolidine and piperazine compounds.

Custom synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates and bulk drugs

In the field of custom syntheses of bulk drugs we have established cooperative framework processes that enable us to more readily meet our customers' requirements to manufacture bulk drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Optical resolution
The racemic amine, alcohol and carboxylic acid.
Asymmetric synthesis
Asymmetric oxidation, asymmetric epoxidation.
Grignard reaction

To Research and Development

Other Characteristic compounds synthesized with our acquired technology for organic chemistry are available.

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