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The possibility of Cellulose Sponge is boundless - it plays an active role in diverse fields.

Medical items

Its gentle touch and excellent water absorption have gained a good reputation in the medical field.

・Adhesive plaster

The cellulose sponge is gentle to the skin and its waste thread does not adhere to the wound. It helps the affected area to stop bleeding for restoration by absorbing moisture, which is highly regarded by the specialists.

・Disinfection items

The cellulose sponge excels in liquid absorption and it holds a good amount of disinfectant to apply to the area at a time. Thus theapplication work can be done smoothly.It is gentle to the skin, and it is sanitary since less fibers fall out compared with a swab.

・Medical treatment pads for low-frequency therapy equiment

Although the cellulose sponge itself is an insulator, it becomes the excellent material as an electric conduction pad once it absorbs water.

・Ophthalmic surgery

With its outstanding suction, a liquid can be sucked up quickly and an operation can be processed smoothly.

Wipers for offset printing plates

A good quality to take care of the important films - it also corresponds to the severe professional use.

- The material is a good-quality pulp.(Natural fiber)
- It is soft and excels in the water absorptivity
- It is not invaded by oil film and gasoline

Products Size Quantity Color
①P245 150×90×30mm 200 Yellow
②P322 150×100×45mm 120 Yellow
③PM15 145×90×45mm 120 Gold


The functional and convenient goods for housecleaning.

- As dirt is sucked up with water, the water
cleaning become nice and easy.
- It is suitable for cushion or plastic tile floors.
- Wring the water out of the sponge is easy at
the touch of a lever, without any wet on your hand.

Face cleaning pads

Its gentle touch gives added value for the new goods development.

Household products

The cellulose sponge shows an excellent function in the watery areas : kitchen or dining room.


It is very soft, elastic, and excellent in water absorption. It removes dirt quickly.

・Drainer mat

It is suitable for wiping the utensils and draining a glass. Since it excels in heat resistance, it can be disinfected by boiling water easily.

Cleaning items for automobiles

The cellulose sponge is gentle for car wash, since it is made from the natural pulp.

・Sponge for car wash.

Soft car-wash sponge gently cares your car body. Efficiency in car wash improves drastically.

・Modern cloth

It excels in water absorption and is suitable for wiping water after the car wash. It makes car wash more speedy.

Biological carrier

It excels in living thing affinity and thus suitable for bio-research and environmental protection.

Since the cellulose sponge is excellent in living thing affinity, it is playing an active part as a cultivation carrier of bacteria, such as a reactor of food, animal cell cultivation, and liquid waste treatment. With the recent regulation on tightening up the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in drainage, the cellulose sponge is evaluated as the optimal carrier in the nitrogen removal process. It is easy to dispose an used carrier.

Other applications

It is new, functional material to meet the recent demands for the environmental protection.

・For Baths

Soft sponge which is safely used for a child body.

・For Barbers

Sanitary shaving cloth which can be disinfected by boiling water - excellent heat resistance.

・For Soldering iron

Tip Cleaner for the soldering iron to take an advantage of its heat resistance. It is usable when it absorbs water.

・For Special painting tools

Drawing by a water-based ink on a dry, pressed sheet of cellulose sponge makes Cellulose sponges the three-dimensional expression on the painted part. The special painting tools by using this attribute become the optimal materials for a display or a novelty use.