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Cellulose Sponges made from natural materials are earth-friendly

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Toray Fine Chemicals is the sole producer of cellulose sponges in Japan.
Using natural pulp as the principal ingredient, CELLULOSE SPONGE is toxic gas free when burned and biodegradable when buried.
So that its properties are earth-friendly.
Taking advantage of these properties and our unique technologies, Toray Fine Chemicals is developing diversified applications for cellulose sponges with the goal of better environmental protection.

100% natural material

Cellulose sponge is made from cellulose that is originated from pulp, and natural fiber,
such as cotton, as a reinforcement. Thus it is environment-friendly, 100% natural material.
These materials are non-petroleum, recyclable vegetable fiber and it does not generate carbon dioxide on disposal.

Easy absorption of water

Cellulose absorbs water easily as a hydrophilic group (OH group).

Air bubbles are 95%.

The gravity is very light as about 0.04 g/CC in dry condition, and it consists not less than 95% of air bubbles in its volume.

Small Particle
Medium Particle

Water absorption capability

Absorption speed: Not only absorb water easily as a hydrophilic group, but it absorbs water by itself due to a fine-fiber phenomenon on tiny air bubbles. it absorbs water quickly without any action.
Absorption amount: The continuation air bubble makes each and every bubble hold water, and therefore it keeps 20 to 30 times more water than its weight.
Retention capacity: It keeps moderate amount of water with less drains.

Heat resistance

The heat resistance is better than that of the urethane sponge, and the physical properties will not be changed up to about a hundred forty degrees centigrade(140℃).

Chemical resistance

It is stable to the general organic solvent.


The surface becomes soft when it is wet, which makes less damage on a subject.


Since it is made only from a natural cellulose and a natural fiber, it is decomposed by the microbe in the soil. Moreover, it shows an excellent performance as a cultivation carrier for the microbe.

Buffer characteristics

It has a moderate elasticity in wet condition.

Pollution-free combustion

It does not generate any toxic gas on combustion - only a slight ashes remain. It burns like a paper.

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